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Anyone Feel Different (Hormonally) After a Tubal Ligation?

Everything I feel is much more intense than it ever was when I'm PMSing. But then again I've never had my tubes tied so I don't have that to compare it to. ...

How to Repair Damage Between Parent & Teacher

If you are PMSing, don't write, don't call! Wait til you feel more level headed then form your thoughts into whatever outlet you choose. ...

Inspiration Needed

I feel really depressed (probably PMSing a little also...LOL). I just need some kind words and maybe a story or two to help get a perspective on things. ...

Horrible Night Sweats

... have helped my endimetriosis as well as my night sweats...not menopausal yet but have always had night sweats when I'm PMSing or after I had my kids. ...

Does My Baby Know Me?

Ok, this is probably really silly, and I know I'm PMSing, but I went back to work when my son was 8 weeks...he's now 11 weeks, and I feel like he doesnt ...

Spider & Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

i ended up with my feet on my bed head board for 3 months with my 4th child. afterwards, it stayed and is particularly bad when i am PMSing. ...

4 Yr. Old Daughter Bites Her Nails and Then They Get Infected! Help!

i was so tired of fighting at the end of last night. i am totally PMSING, so that doesn't help my patience level either! I am at my wit's end. if she ...

My Period Again?????

Seemed like I was always PMSing and getting mine. I finally found a gynecologist that was very involved in new treatments, research, etc. She put me on the ...

Weight Gain W/ Mirena

During that time I gained about 10 pounds and felt like I was PMSing the entire time. I cramped quite a bit too. After delivering baby number 2 I lost all ...

Can I Be Pregnant?

I already have two children, so I've been through this before. My problem is that my period is six days late. I have been PMSing for weeks now. I feel..."
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