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Questions post-MC/pre-period

I'm making small amounts of colostrum, having cramps, feeling achey and PMS-ing etc. I have not started a period since the MC, and am definitely not ...

Seeking Mom's Who Divorced Husbands Who Are Stay at Home Fathers

Make sure you aren't pms-ing, that is my worst time to feel as if I need a divorce. M. (mother of 4 - boy/girl Twins 26 from first marriage, and son 18, ...

SAHD & Marriage Issues

If I get sick, or pms'ing, or just want to play with my kids, he flips out and says I don't do anything becasue I am relaxed. He claims he has to do all the ...

My ADHD and 6 Month Old Puppy Fight Constantly

Second: Shes PMS-ing dont help things either. You have to astablish some disaplen some where or the dog could become aggressive as she gets older, mine did! ...

First Talk About Becoming a Woman.

When I asked her what was wrong my 12 yo nephew told me she was PMS'ing - that blew me away! I had a father & 2 brothers living in my house growing up ...


I do get moody still, as if pms-ing but I do not bleed. I have had it now for 2 yrs. The only, only thing that hurt was when they go to insert it they put a ...

Flying Out of Town for a Weekend and Very Scared, Please Help!

Are you PMS'ing? Are you naturally high strung? I bet you are sleep deprived and are a person that does not do well out of a routine. All of this is fine, ...


(I take B when I am PMS'ing, feeling worn down, stressed from a rough day or when my body is feeling stressed from being sick.) ** ALLERGIES ** ...

Sanitary Pad Comfort for 11 Year Old Girls

Maybe even 1 or 2 "I cant go to school beacause I'm too busy PMS'ing" coupons. Have fun with it. The best I got was "MOM!" "Yup, its about that time." :} ...

Should I See Someone?

I felt like I was PMS-ing all the time because I was exhausted and extremely irritable and constantly bickering with my husband. See your doctor and tell ...
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  • steal your joy in 3 answers "he will do what he can to steal your joy and happiness."
  • panty liners in 4 answers "I started mine out on panty liners - then moved up to just a mini/regular."
  • know exactly how you are feeling in 2 answers "I know exactly how you are feeling with the husband issues."
  • by american girl in 3 answers "I purchased a book by American Girl (doll) called The Care and Keeping of You, EXCELLENT ..."