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Is There a Sippy Cup Out There That Doesn't Leak!!!????

They are playtex and I was amazed that not one drop comes out of the top. .... I have not had a problem with the Playtex sippy cups leaking. ...

Introducing the Bottle to a 2Month Old

My sister used a playtex vent air bottle and had the nipple touching the top of .... The first bottle my breastfed babies would take are the playtex bottles ...

Diaper Genie II

I called Playtex who verified that the model I have no longer has refills. .... contact the company that makes the product: playtex for the answer. here is ...

Embarrased to Ask, but I Could Use Some Advise About Clothing.

Well good luck with the weight loss :) I think it is playtex that makes 1/2 sizes. ... I have a Playtex Thank Goodness it Fits bra, which goes in "nearly" ...

Bottles,bottles,bottles...How Do You Choose?

I am having the hardest time trying to figure out which bottles to use for my second baby (Due Nov 30th). I used Playtex drop-ins with my first son. ...

Suggestions on Getting Baby to Take a Bottle Easier.

For her, the Playtex nipple was more comfortable and she stopped fussing. ... We used the Playtex Nursers, the original kind with the latex nipples, ...

Toddler Sling/carrier for Travel

It is the Hip Hammock by Playtex (ling below). It is very comfortable and my daughter loves it. She is just under the 15 lb. begin limit but she holds ...

3 Month Old Will Not Take Bottle - Help!

Dec 28, 2009 ... I am going to recommend the same thing that others did, the Playtex drop-ins. We use the latex nipple (rather than the silicone) and I think ...

Any Experience with Avent Sippy Cups

Once they mastered the Nuby sippy cup I moved on to the Playtex cups whihc they don't like. ... They are easier to sip from then the playtex ones. Helpful? ...

New Mom Again Seeking Advise on Baby Bottle for My 11 Week Old Son

The best for my kids were by Playtex- Vent Aire. ... I also tried the avent and playtex but the didn't work as well as the Dr.Brown. Good Luck, ...
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  • diaper genie ii in 2 answers "I was in the same situation and bought the Diaper Genie II."
  • playtex hip carrier in 2 answers "The only carrier I have used is the Playtex Hip Carrier."
  • used the playtex nurser in 2 answers "Also, we used the Playtex nurser. My husband found he could push on the bag to to ..."
  • avent bottles and nipples in 2 answers "i would advise using avent bottles and nipples that's what i use for my 4 week old ..."
  • avent sippy cups in 2 answers "I really liked the Avent sippy cups."