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Ventaire Nipples

However, Playtex Ventaire bottles seem to only have Stage 1 and Stage 2 nipples. Does anyone use this bottle, and have you kept using the Stage 2 nipple ...

Seeking Suggestions on Bottles

well after trying a couple different bottles at home, the playtex bottles worked ! she still fights my husband on taking a bottle but drank all three at ...

Bottle Nipples for Breastfed Baby

We tried using the Playtex and the Avent bottles with my daughter, but she really disliked the larger nipple size and shape and consequently, ...

Safe Baby Bottles?

I know that the shiny & hard plastic bottles are the ones with the polybicarbonate. A good alternative is the playtex bottles with the disposable liners. ...

Sterilizing Bottles

Aug 11, 2009 ... buy the bottles by Playtex (with the disposable liners) and all you'll have to do is wash the bottles and sterilize the nipples...this is ...

Bottle Causing Him to Spit Up?

So much for the super-expensive, new bottles I HAD to get for my baby. My mom used the playtex bottles for me in the 80s. I guess we shouldn't try to fix ...

Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottle

My second child wouldn't take any bottle until she was in daycare and was hungry enough to figure things out. I picked the Playtex bottle because I liked ...

Bottle Nipples That Don't Leak??

Are there any bottles that don't leak? I am using the Playtex system with the disposable inserts, and have been really happy with it, but since we switched ...

Baby Bottles Unsafe?

My sister in law just informed me that bottles like Avent and Playtex are .... how could playtex bottles leak into the formula when you put in a new liner ...

Introducing the Bottle to a 2Month Old

The first bottle my breastfed babies would take are the playtex bottles with Drop in Liners. The would have to use the rubber (orange colored) nipples and ...
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