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Dollhouse for Newborn-sized Doll

Play Yards & Play Pens · Safety Products · Strollers · Toys ... tent like house for dolls-sounds perfect for your granddaughter-it is by playskool and it is ...

Which Diaper Is Better for Girls?

There are new Playskool (?) diapers out -- PASS THOSE BY. They're awkward in their construction for girls IMO. Some people have posted about SAM's Club ...

Sound Machine for Baby - Need Recomendations!

I think you might wanna try the PLAYSKOOL MADE FOR ME Digital Music Player. It comes pre programed with soothing sounds and songs, it has a timer and you ...

Where do I find bargain diapers that actually hold up?

I would not recommend the Playskool Rompers that CVS sells, they fall apart easily. Costco brand diapers also work, but must buy the bulk, for one child a ...

Bicycle for 4 Year Old?

Play Yards & Play Pens · Safety Products · Strollers · Toys .... Here's a link on Amazon: ...

Searching for a Fun, Sturdy Push Toy

K.W. asks from Cedar Rapids

Hello! My son is pulling himself up and scooting around furniture, so I am looking for a push toy that he can walk behind. I'm hoping to find something sturdy that ...


Favorite One Year Old Toy?

J.P. asks from Boca Raton

Hi ladies, my son is approaching his first birthday and I'm looking for suggestions on your favorite "big" toy, I've heard the Kitchen, Fisher Price House, or outsid...


Can' Find This Toy

R.O. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I recently saw a commercial, or thought I did, and don’t remember what brand/model the item was. Can anybody help? I seemed to be a learning system ...


HELP!! I Am Looking for a Toy for My Son and Cant Remember the Name

S.C. asks from Detroit

I was at toys r us today and I found this cool "thing" it comes with two mics and a video camera that plugs into the tv so they can watch themselves while they sing (...


Need Toy for 3 Year Old with ADHD

A.F. asks from Louisville

Hello, I have a 3 year old nephew with ADHD. I am trying to find a Christmas gift for him, but I'm not coming up with any good ideas. His Mom wants me to get him...

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