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Seeking Advice on Huge Emotional Meltdowns with 8 Yr. Old Daughter

She seems to think she has no friends, and when she does play with someone, ... involve him her in solo activities or sports like tennis, golf or swimming. ...

Pre Teen Doesn't Want to Do Homework, but Won't Go to School Without It Done

He's good looking, tall, athletic, swims on the swim team, a great skier, likes to play tennis, etc. He is extremely smart on the computer, which is one of ...

Wii and Wii Fit

LOVE it....we play as a family and Yes you work out when you are boxing, playing baseball, tennis, golf and bowling. The other games she has a Mario games. ...

PLEASE HELP Get 3 1/2 Year Old Girl Dressed!

She now wears one pair of Dora tennis shoes and occasionally I can get another .... He did want to wear his play shoes to church but the battle was on and I ...

Best Gaming System for a 5 Yo--your Experiences Please!

They like to play tennis, bowling, baseball, etc. We have one game that has a bunch of carnival games like the ring toss & stuff like that is fun. ...

I Need Motivation

Teach a Sunday school class or play tennis or get with other adults who enjoy a favorite hobby or activity. It is actually good to leave the little one with ...

My Five Year Old Is Acting Very Hyper

You can find learning games for him and there are games that he can play and literally act out like he is playing baseball, tennis, boxing, bowling and so ...

I Can Do It Myself!

Example: yesterday we went to play tennis on the courts. I tried to help her drop the ball and hit it with the racquet. After I showed her once, ...

Girl Scout Summer Camps

We had the option to spend time with horses and play tennis or swim. I chose to learn how to barrell race where some other girls chose to learn how to ...

Seeking Best Playground and Park

It has a walking area, big playground, basketball, tennis, etc. ... It has a lot of room to run around, different play areas for different ages, ...
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