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Boy Friendly Hannah Montana Stuff.

Also, we have the guitar Hero band set for Wii and I have 14yr olds over here playing the drums, guitars and using the mic all the time. ...

Follow up to Wii Question

We also have Guitar Hero - I think I play it more than they do :). We have Hannah Montana, HSM, Sports and I am dying to get wii fit. We play it as a family ...

If Your Husband Plays Video Games...

I told him to play when the kids are asleep but that has not worked. He is so addicted to guitar hero. It's bad that when the minute you enter your house ...

We Just Bought a Wii, Now What?

Dec 14, 2009 ... Wii'. they can all play at the same time! no fighting over turns. ... Rock Band and Guitar Hero are a lot of fun but probably not something ...

Drum Lessons/Keller

When my son was 11, he wanted to play drums, and that is what we did. It worked out GREAT! ... My 8 Yr Old Want to Be a Guitar Hero! ...

Which Is Better Wii or Xbox 360?

Although my girls play Rockband on 360, my husband plays Halo and that is really why we have the 360. My girls play Wii and so do there friends. Guitar Hero ...

Looking for Guitar Lessons

Our son has no experience (except Guitar Hero!!! Which doesn't really count). $50/per hour - not $10!!!! Does anyone have other suggestions? ...

Wii Games for 6 Year Old

My daughter who is 6 years old loves playing Wii Carnival Games and The ... Rock Band & Guitar Hero (some of the songs I don't approve of him playing ...

Need Input on the Best Nintendo DS Games

Of course, Guitar Hero on tour is the must have right now! ... We have an XBox.. .. my hubby got it for himself, and now the kids play on it too, ...

Guitar Lessons for My Daughter

Can anyone recommend affordable guitar lessons for my 13 year..." ... My 8 Yr Old Want to Be a Guitar Hero! ... My Daughter Wants to Play an Instrument? ...
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