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Moving to a New State with a 12 Year Old

K.V. asks from Seattle

Our family is moving to a new state next year ( job) we have lived in the same town/neighborhood since both my girls were born. They are now 10 and 12. My ten year ol...


Music for a 12 Year Old Girl?

D.K. asks from Milwaukee

My 12 year old niece is having a surprise party. I asked my SIL what I should get. She suggested music that is appropriate for a 12 year old. Well, I don't know ...


Play Groups

J.F. asks from San Diego

I was wondering if anyone knows of play groups in San Diego? I moved here last November while I was pregnant and haven't really made one friend so far out here. I a...


Mommy Doesn't Play

K.R. asks from Sherman

I am feeling bad today. guilty i guess. I kiss boos, i feed healthy food, i teach, i discipline.i snuggle. i even come up with occasional art projects. ... but ...


12 Year Old Babysitting a 1 Year Old ???

D.C. asks from Dallas

So my oldest is 12 and very responsible...he knows what to do in an emergency and I've tested him (he was unaware of it) on several occasions.... I am trying to go...


Kindergartners and Play

S.T. asks from Washington DC

i came across this article which articulates my concerns about the direction we're taking our kids. even the push to start 'em reading young concerned me when it real...


Go Play?

P.P. asks from Chicago

I have more than one group of friends/parents advising me to have my son do math online over summer vacation, and/or get him involved in other academics in the summer...


Places to Take a 3 and a 12 Year Old

K.C. asks from Chicago

My 12 year old nephew is coming to visit along with my mother from England. I have a 3 year old and i'm looking for things to do and places to go that we will all enj...


12 Month Old Won't Feed Himself

M.M. asks from Peoria

My 12 month old will not pick up food and put it in his mouth. In fact he won't put anything in his mouth except for his pacifier. He will pick food up and play with ...


Unsupervised Play

B.G. asks from Bakersfield

I have been taking an online course, and to get anything done I need to be working durring the day, as well as after my son goes to sleep. My computer is in our offic...

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