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Football Season Is Here- Arg

Football season is about 3 1/2 months. Each team has a bye week, so that's pretty much only 8 to 10 games that your team will play. That is hardly EVERY ...

Friendship Issues

I'm going to play with ____". The next day she will be all friendly again .... boys that "josh and you like to play football, maybe play football at recess? ...

Play Ideas for 8 Yr. Old Boy

Nov 23, 2009 ... My son isn't really into sports other than swimming and there are usually not enough kids around at one time to play a game of football, ...

Very Upset over Social Issue Concerning 5 Yr Old Son - HELP

Boys do NOT have to be rough-n-tumble, or play football or soccer or, play with trucks or talk like cave-men to be a "boy." They can also be articulate ...

I'm So Frustrated - Concerning Little League Baseball

My two boys (7 and 10) play football, basketball, and baseball, and have been in sports since they were 4. I am currently a team mom for Football. ...

Boys and Playing Sports

My son plays youth football, which at this point I felt was fine..." ... Next question: 5 Yr Old Joining Football ... Should I Make My Son Play Football ...


Can't play football if grades aren't good. Don't let this time period sabatoge his future. Also turn off TV and electronic games after school. ...

Activities for Children with ADHD

Anything that keeps his mind going is good like football,basetball,playing video games,I also let him play games on the internet. Cartoon is a ...

Sports for Kids in Stockton--Can You Help Me Out?

My son will be turning 8 in May and wants to play real football but we are moving to Stockton this summer and I don't where to start looking. ...

15 Month Old Constantly Cries Around Me

He may need to just get out of the house and play. I know he goes to the football games but he is confined on your lap. They never like that. ...
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