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Need Advice for Toddler Speech Delay

I think you can go to and get lots of cd's there. ... favorite shows, dancing, making up songs to daily chores, play kids cd's...everything ...

Seeking Advice from Anyone Who's Overcome Sleep Deprevation!

He knows he can play a CD to help soothe himself, and he has his flashlight ( just a kids plastic one) and the nightlight to help too. ...

White Noise During Sleeping (Light Sleeper) - Please Give Your Recommendations!

i play cd's of classical music baby beetoven motzart etc. J. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Meal Time

I have a standing fan blowing so that provides some nice "white noise"; then I put on the night light and I press play on the CD player to start the lullaby ...

HELP!! My 8 Month Old Does Not Go to Sleep Easily...

Sep 23, 2009 ... I used to play enya cd for them to fall asleep with. My boys also got read to at an early age to help them fall asleep. ...

What Are Other People's Self-soothing Techniques for Helping Baby to Bed?

Both my children have CD players under their beds. I play the Baby Einstein Lullaby CD for them every night. That seems to really help...they are asleep ...


We play cd's and I probably look like a looney tune at the lights because I'm singing in the front seat and my kiddos are chiming in the back seat. ...

Best Music and Movement Classes for Infants Bucktown Area?

She loved it and when I play the CD now at home, she claps her hands and shakes her music instruments as she was taught in the class when she was 12m old. ...

Should I Make My Son Play Football

C.D. answers from La Crosse on September 08, 2009. I hope you don't force your son/grandson to play football. Surely there are better things he can do with ...

CD Player for Baby's Room

I registered for a cd player for our shower, I got an RCA cd/cassette/radio player. It is nice to have to play the baby einstein to help lull her to sleep, ...
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