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Seeking Help and Advice for a 5 Yr Old Who Will Not Sleep in His Own Bed!!!!!!

Every night at about 7:30 Jordy, her father and I play 2 quick card games and ... She eats a snack while we play cards and is already in her jammies before ...

Getting a Parakeet

He was, however, fun to play with in that he would play cards with you (tossing them around), pull string toys, etc. I will warn you that leaving the bird ...

Toddler Board Games

The only games he can play by the rules are Candyland,bingo, and Go Fish. ... for kids (they have some picture cards so non-readers can play), ...

Fun Things to Do During Power Outages . . .

Jun 29, 2009 ... If you have a good latern (preferably battery powered) play cards or board games . Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Finding Balance with Father

We go to dinner together and if his friends are there he'll stay and play cards with them. The boys and I will come home and cook popcorn and watch movies. ...

Need Two Player Games

My husband and I play scrabble, yatzee, and battleship (the card game version). We also play other card games like war, pirates, phase ten, skip-bo, ...

Want to Start 12-24 Month Old Playgroup San Antonio,tx

... a big yard. mom's can play cards and chat and kids can just play. i'm willing to go else where if necesary. just want my baby to have friends her age. ...

Would a 5Yr Old Be Able to Adjust to Another Baby

He was such a good boy to play cards and things with me while letting me lie down and get the rest I needed. I think an age difference is good for some ...

Quality Time

... then she needs me to play cards, then she needs me to put a puzzle together, then she needs a drink...and this goes on ALL day long. What do you do? ...

Need Help with 4 Yr. Boy Not Trying to Learn.

I use these play cards for kids with letters on them and make it into a game. I ask my 2 year old: "Let's see, can you find the letter 'A'? ...
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