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Immediate Prescription Assistance

T.S. asks from Cincinnati

I am looking for anyone who can help or has ideas that might help. My grandma went to pick up her prescriptions this evening and was told she is no longer covered on ...


Hair Coloring and Medicines

M.H. asks from Lexington

Hi I know this may sound strange to some of you, but I have heard that certain medicines will alter the color of your when you have it colored. I am one of those wom...


How to Deal with Disabled MIL and Her Craziness? Long and Maybe TMI!

T.H. asks from Baton Rouge

Hi everyone, I have a very difficult situation going on in my house with MIL and really don't know how to handle it or what to do. Husband and I are at the end of ou...


Help with My Mother, She Is Falling apart.....Seriously Please

S.S. asks from Dallas

***GUESS WHAT LADIES!*** Just got the phone call my mom was approved finally for disability and will be able to cute her hours to 25 a week, will have medi caid, and ...


Constant Stomach Ache for My Daughter Who Is Almost 5 Years

J.M. asks from San Francisco

I apologize in advance for this long e-mail. I have an almost 5 year girl who has complained about her stomach ever since she was old enough to explain it to us. Th...


3 YO Son's Allergic Reaction to Sulfa-based Antibiotic

J.R. asks from Miami

Hi all, My 3 YO was put on a low dose course of a sulfa based antibiotic to manage his constant ear infections....He developed a bad rash all over his body. We of ...


Eye Pain in Toddler

M.I. asks from Tampa

Hello everyone, I am so terribly worried about my 2 1/2 year old son. Started over a month ago that he would grab his head an yell out "mommy, head hurt", it wou...



C.M. asks from Kansas City

My doctor recently put me on Lovenox due to a blood clotting disorder. I just wanted some feed back from other moms who have used this so that I know a little bit mor...


Migrane Help

J.S. asks from Johnson City

ok, so i tend to get migranes every now and then and when i do they are bad. I have the sensitivity to light and sound. my head throbs, my arm and face go numb and so...

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