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Plato's Closet

M.A. asks from Detroit

Anyone sold at Platos closet? Were you happy with what they paid for your clothing? I have so much stuff that my son outgrew (alot with tags still on them) just won...


Adult Re-Sale/Consignment in Ann Arbor/Canton Area

J.G. asks from Detroit

I am looking for an adult place to take my clothes that don't fit anymore and clean out my closet. Does anyone know of a place in the Ann Arbor/Canton/Plymouth area?


Consignment Store That Buys Kid/teen Clothing

D.L. asks from Dallas

I took 2 large bags of clothing to Plato's Closet and they did not accept anything. Everything was name brand: Polo, Izod, Dockers, Levis, but I was told they were to...


Yard Sale Pricing

P.C. asks from San Francisco

I cleaned out my closet and have a lot of cute clothes, shoes, purses, jackets, sweaters in really great wearing condition. Want to have a yard sale but don't want ...


Upscale Resale Shop in St Louis?

A.B. asks from St. Louis

I keep hearing about all these great resale shops I should be hitting where you can find cheap designer clothes...I've looked on the internet and can't find a lot. An...


Second-hand Store or Co-op?

A.C. asks from Kansas City

We just moved to the area from California a few months ago. Looking for a place to buy second hand clothes for my kids. They outgrow them so fast I almost never buy...


Uggs and Miss Me Jeans

J.D. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms - I'm looking for discounted prices for Uggs and Miss Me Jeans. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Looking for Consignment or Thrift Shops for Women's Clothing

B.K. asks from Detroit

Can you please tell me if there are any good resale shops out there for business atire clothes in the Sterling Heights, Troy, Utica areas? Thanks!


Gently Used Pre-teen Clothes for Sale.

J.V. asks from Dallas

Looking for a re-sale store in the Arlington-mid cities area? I have a pre-teen girl who has out-grown everything she owns. Some items still have the sales tags on....


Anyone Know of a Good Women's Consignment Store, Hr/littleton Area?

M.C. asks from Denver

Hey girls, I am looking for a good, quality consignment store for women's clothing. I would prefer it to be nearby, but will drive a bit for trendier, quality stu...

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  • platos closet in 7 answers "JBF and Platos closet are good options if you just want to make something off them ..."
  • them back in your closet in 2 answers "Mommyof1 if your asking price is to high stick them back in your closet nobody is ..."
  • platos closet in 3 answers "Plato's Closet it great! They have used name brand clothes and in good condition."
  • platos closet in 2 answers "I agree with Plato's closet.. my daughter is packing up baskets as we speak of Abercrombie ..."
  • platos closet in 2 answers "those better brand items can be brought to plato's closet or a similar place where ..."