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Not Eating His Food

No saving a plate for later and definitely no food of any kind for the rest of the night. At first I found this very harsh, but now I'm not sure. ...

Table Food Ideas for 17 Month Old

An idea is to put things on a kabob or make a funny face on the plate. ... They have a variety of food and lots of kid friendly meals to choose from. ...

Almost 2Yr Old Throws His Food EVERY Meal!

I just got into the habit of sitting close to him with only small bits of food on his plate, and the rest of what I hoped he would eat on a separate plate ...

Help with a Picky Eater Who Is a Toddler

toddlers are funny about food. they go through weird food phases. i try to keep the ingredients separate on my kids' plates because if it's in a casserole ...

How to Stop Toddler from Throwing Food?

I put my 16 mth old toddler's food in a bowl or plate, I don't feed her right off the tray. If she begins to throw food, I tell her "no". ...

16 Month Old Thowing Food!

Our son is now 2 and in a booster seat, and I still give him a little at a time vs. a huge plate of food. He tends to eat better when he's not overwhelmed ...

Eating Solid Food

When he's ready for solids, he'll lunging towards your plate and trying to swipe your food. He'll also intently watch your food go from your plate to your ...

Baby Won't Eat Veggies or Meat Baby Food

May 22, 2009 ... At about age 1 they ate the food off my plate. You could not 'trick' them by putting the baby food on the plate and try to feed them. ...

2.5 Year Old Holding Food in His Mouth Without Swallowing

Sep 24, 2009 ... Give him a plate of a variety of food (maybe 3 things, in small portions so he is not overwhelmed) and then sit and eat as a family (or you ...

Help with 14 Month Old Having Issues with Food Textures

Sep 8, 2009 ... It's not uncommon for toddlers to have issues with certain food textures. ... And have fun with a "colorful plate of food," it just may make ...
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  • starts throwing food in 3 answers "When he starts throwing food, I'd say he's done."
  • breast milk formula in 3 answers "They really don't need anything other than breast milk/formula for the 1st 6 months!"
  • throwing food on the floor in 2 answers "... that and they have to learn and as bad as it seems, throwing food on the floor ..."
  • few bites of food in 2 answers "Like the other moms suggested, I only gave them a few bites of food on the tray to ..."
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