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Obsessed with Water!

Give her a plastic water bottle and let her water the plants outside, refilling from the hose with just a trickle of water coming out so it takes her time, ...

Plastic Bottles and Sippy Cups a No No??

A good friend of mine just told me that all plastic bottles, and sippy cups ... BPA is found not only in baby bottles, but also the nalgene water bottles ...

Transitioning from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Oct 30, 2009 ... Does anyone have any tips on how to transition from a bottle to sippy cup? .... plastic water bottle · water bottle plastic ...

Bottle to Sippy Cup

My son never took a bottle so the tipping of the sippy cup was beyond him for months I had to hold it and tip it .... water bottle plastic · baby sippy cups ...

Alkaline Water (Ionizers)

Sep 2, 2009 ... For those who do not know, this type of machine filters water, makes it PH balanced and oxgenates. ... back machines · plastic water bottle ...

Weaning from the Bottle!

Only give water in the bottle except for a bed time milk bottle - The bedtime bottle is okay to have a ..... plastic water bottle · weaning at 3 months ...

Girl's Birthday Party

We've done cute plastic water bottles from Wal-mart where we've use paint pens to decorate and write each guests name on. Have fun! Helpful? ...

How to Teach Your Child Use Zip Cup or Straw

I encouraged her to drik from a plastic cup. ... Before whe I used bottle she drank a lot of water but now since I tried with zip cup or a cup she doesn't ...

Do You Boil Water Before Making Powdered Formula?

I have read that tap water is safe, but then I have also read that water should be boiled." ... water bottle plastic · plastic water bottle ...

Bottle Suggestions

What I used to do, was have the water in the bottle & pre-measured amounts of ... then pour it in the bottle if you don't want the formula touching plastic. ...
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