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Insane in the Plane - 11 Month Old Air Travel Advice

We recently took our 10 month old on a plane trip to Chicago with great success. Benedryl is a lifesaver for trips like this, not only does it help them ...

Car Seat for Airplane Travel

The stroller part works well for short trips and it is worth it not to cart a big carseat around the airport. ... Car Seat & Airplane Trip ...

Train or Plane?

He did get hyper a few times, but the plane trip you would be taking shouldn't be too much of a problem since it probably wouldn't last that long. ...

Advice for Very Long Car Trip

Aug 8, 2009 ... We've done a lot of long plane trips, but never a car trip, so I'm looking for tips/advice from those of you who have done long car trips. ...

Should I Buy a Airplane Seat for My 17 Month Old??

We took our daughter on a plane trip when she was 18 months old and she was happy to sit in our laps ( we went to California, I think it was a 4 hour trip ...

4 Hour Plane Ride with a VERY Active Toddler! Help!!!

I took my daughter to Australia at 16 months (33 hour trip) and she played with those on the plane window for hours! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

Tips for Travel with Toddler

He's done well on the three plane trips we've taken so far, but my husband was with us on those trips, and my son wasn't walking (running!). ...

Easy Umbrella Stroller?

This is the first trip we are taking on an airplane with my 11 month old girl, and really don't want to lug my big stroller with me. ...

Help! Plane Travel with 21 Month Old & 2 Month Old

We took a number of plane trips with my daughter from the time she was 11 months to 22 months and once she got really mobile it definitely was tougher to ...

What to Take on a Trip.

Is my son going to have a seat of his own on the plane? ... has been on many trips back to Maryland so you can trust the information that I am giving you. ...
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