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Travel System Stroller or Other Smaller?- Suggestions for Air Travel with Baby

If there are extra seats on the plane, the airline will let you take your car seat on, even if you did not purchase a ticket. (In my experience, we got to ...

Unaccompanied Plane Flight

They just help them to their seat and then keep them on the plane until everyone else is off, if my memory is .... flight ticket to · responsible for myself ...

Car Seats in Mexico....I Have a Feeling This Might Be a Problem

Depending on the airline you fly, they may charge you a feel for the extra piece of luggage ($15 I think), but that's much cheaper than a plane ticket! ...

Should I Let My Son Fly Alone?

We are a plane ticket away from ANY family. Last year, I had a couple of relatives visit and my daughter flew home with them on a NON-stop flight. ...

Flying with a Baby

I believe it's law that they have to give you an open seat for the carseat if there is one on the plane ... even if you don't have a ticket for said seat. ...

Web-sites to Book Flights

Next question: Buying Plane Tickets ... Needing Help Finding Airline Tickets from Those Who Fly Often · 22 · For Great Plane Ticket Deals, What's the Best? ...

Trip to Mexico with a 2 1/2 Month Old

But before buying plane tickets, I would ask a pediatrican or your pediatrician (if you have one) what his/her thoughts are. I did this when I was going to ...

Advice for 8 Month Old's First Flight.

We had to get a claim ticket to attach to the stroller at the gate desk. Then they had it waiting for us when we got off the plane. ...

Suggestions Needed for Flying with a 9 Month Old.

I just took our 8 month old on her first plane for about the same amount of time ...although we did ..... cheap airplane ticket · last minute flight deals ...

Suggestions for Entertaining 17 Month-old During Flight

I need some suggestions... my son and I will be traveling via airplane next week . ... last minute airline tickets · cheap discount airline ticket ...
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