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Plane Trip with a 2 1/2 Yr. Old

It's a late night flight so I'm hoping that she will be sleeping most of the time on the plane. Should I bring her carseat on the plane or check it at the ...

First Time on an Airplane

First I would not bring the carseat on the plane, that is more of a pain than ... I travel with my kids all the time. The oldest is 8 yrs now but she's been ...

Unaccompanied Plane Flight

Nathan usually tells us about the other kids he has met as soon as he gets off the plane. Only one time (out of 5-6 times a year) has he ever been the only ...

Do I Need a Carseat on a Plane?

Is there an extra charge for it, I know it weighs less than 50 lbs. Any advise would be great. This is the first time my son will be on a plane. Thanks! ...

Traveling with an Infant? by Plane and Long Car Ride

The plane trip was actually a breeze. He had me to hold him the whole time. When he wanted to nurse, I nursed, so he was happy. ...

Plane Travel

Use that time to get his energy out and wear him down so when you do get on the plane and he has to be still he won't be ansy. This is sooo important! ...

Mom Seeking Advice on Time Changes with Sleep Schedule

Well, I have to say she adjusted the best to the time change, but the flights were a challenge. First of all, I think the plane was a bit hot and I had her ...

8 Month Old on the Plane

We took our son on the plane to NY at about this age. We bought a "Me in the Mirror" that we pulled out for the first time on the plane. ...

Baby Bottles on Plane-regulations

I was stationed in Germany 2x and each time we were specifically instructed not to carry clear liquids onto the plane (all my military flights were on ...

A Peaceful Plane Ride

If they have these already perhaps a new game for the plane. Also, be sure to fly at the time when they are best rested so they aren't cranky and irritable. ...
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