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Air Travel with Infant

I did nurse him when we took off and landed to ease with the air pressure, ... Besides that, your daughter is a great age for plane travel---not mobile yet ...

Ear Plugs for Air Travel

What makes babies scream in airplanes is the changing of the air pressure on ... Most likely the white noise of the plane will keep him from being startled ...

Air-Travel With a 13 Month Old- 1St Time

It can get rather cold in some parts of Sky Harbor, and it can get rather hot on the planes if they haven't had the air running long. ...

Air Travel

What kind of stroller do you recommend for air travel? ... Hi - This will be the third trip on a plane with two boys, ages 14 months and 4 and we are only ...

Air Travel

Air Travel - Peoria,IL. We are planning our first airplane ride with our 2 year old daughter. Any suggestions on a successful plane trip? ...

Mom W/ 7Mo Old Needing Info on Air Travel

She will also be seated with me on the plane. Any advice on what I MUST have when traveling by both air and on the road when we get there? ...

Traveling with an Infant? by Plane and Long Car Ride

... old and I cannot see having him on plane with all the closed air, and .... Well, I rode on a plane twice with my infant son, once when he was about 6 ...

Car Seat and Air Travel

Be sure your car seat is approved for air travel (it should say on the side), ... My daughter is now 17 mos. and she has taken around 10 plane trips. ...

Help! Advice Needed for Air Travel with Demanding 18 Mo Old to Europe

As it was, just to have her on my lap (breathing the air? ... I've traveled a great deal with my son--looong car rides, plane rides, etc. since he was a ...

Air Travel Tips

My question is, does anyone have any air travel tips for me. .... I didn't have any problem getting baby food on the plane but whole milk was hard to find. ...
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