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Baby on a Plane

For us, home rules do not necessarily apply on the plane. Whatever keeps them occupied and happy is allowed for the flight! ...

Carseat on Airplane?

My 2.5 is pretty wild and I know if he is only in the the airplane seat, it will be a miserable flight. Not to mention, it's not as safe or comfortable. ...

Our First Trip with Baby on a Plane

I was so nervous about being that "crying baby on the plane". Luckily- my daughter (8 mos) was perfect for both flights. We brought her car seat and ...

Airplane Tips for a 9 Month Old

Airplane Tips for a 9 Month Old. I am taking my son to Italy and he'll be 9 months old when we go. I'd appreciate tips for the flights there and back and ...

How Can I Entertain My Toddler on an International Flight?

What on earth can I do to keep her occupied sitting on a plane all day long? ..... Suggestions for Airplane Travel with 20 Month Old Twins on First Flight ...

Suggestions for Entertaining 17 Month-old During Flight

Our DVD player is my best friend on flights. We aren't a big tv kind of family but I put no limits on watching on the plane. Borrow one if you dont have one ...

Activities for 13 Month Old on Plane

Also, a couple of our flights I scheduled late in the evening during baby's bedtime so after her feeding she went right to bed in the carseat (airplane ...

Insane in the Plane - 11 Month Old Air Travel Advice

I have done a lot of traveling via airplane with my son. He was 3 weeks old on our first flight together. He is 4 now and we just returned from a trip in ...

Seeking Advice for Long Plane Rides with an Active Toddler

I'm starting to get very stressed out just thinking about the plane ride. We have a red-eye flight for 5 1/2 hours and then another flight that is 6 1/2 ...

Seeking Tips on Overseas Plane Travel with a 1 Year Old

We actually went out and bought one for one of our first flights over with two kids only to be told on the plane that they don't allow them (something about ...
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