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Anyone Used a Playyard at the Beach?

if you plan to be at the beach all day this is a good idea, ... out and have your own mini picnic in the hall, or enjoy a nap yourself. if your lucky at ... What we did was put our sons pack-n-play in the bathroom and shut him in there. ...

22 Hr Drive with a 2 Yr old......what to Bring??????

Oct 5, 2009 ... Lacing cards (make your own or buy some more durable ones, like ones from ..... Trying to plan to drive around his sleep schedule will help. ... the car as they will get car sick or have to go to the bathroom more often. ...

Potty Training with Autism

We finally made him go into the bathroom with my husband for months so that .... Can your husband put a few Cheerios in the toilet and then show him how to ...

Children with Aspergers

So, I figure, the sooner she starts getting into the habit of identifying a problem and developing her own game-plan the better. I just try to facilitate. ...

How Do You Divide Chores at Your House?

Visit and try your hand at creating your own, ... If they had to clean the bathroom I allowed plenty of time to get it done. ...

Having a Colonoscopy Have You Had One

After going to the bathroom so many times, you'll be tired. Somebody needs to drive you to and from your procedure and they tell you to plan a very light ...

When to Start Potty Training

Thanks a lot again your advice has helped me have a plan that I can use when i ... I would start by putting a little potty in your bathroom and when you go ... One morning, around 18 months, she took off her diaper and sat (on her own). ...

Potty Training My Twins

-"Show" them how to go (take them into the bathroom with you and talk to them ... Your best bet is to actually plan a week (or two) where you are not going ...

Questions to Ask at Pre-School Open House

My advice is to ask them what goals they plan on teaching your child for ... Ask what methods they use for discipline, ask about meals/snacks and bathroom breaks . ... the card and later just held it up for all to recognize on their own. ...

Living as an Extended Family

Things to consider would be how the house is laid out - ie. will you have your own space, kitchen, bathroom -like the downstairs of their house or will all ...
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