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Struggle with Work & Family Balance

Oct 13, 2009 ... Just plan a to do list and do it bite by bite and it will get done. Keep your faith in God and it will work out. ...

Ideas for Storing a Child's School Work

At the end of the year my plan was to gift out the art work to grandparents and family and just keep a few key pieces. I can't seem to get rid of it though, ...

Aetna Insurance

The only plan offered was a PPO plan, so hopefully it will work out for us. The kids' pediatrician accepts the insurance, but I need to find a new OB/GYN ...

Opinions About Monarch Dental?

Most employers offer true insurance as well as these DMO plans. Can you change to a PPO or indemnity plan at work? It is WELL worth the extra premium! ...

Parenting Plan Advice

Changing a parenting plan is expensive and time consuming. ... My ex husband and I have had to work through these things and before they were seriously ...

How Do You Handle Your Husband Traveling for Work?

We have this on both sides, both my husband and I travel for work. Here are some of the things that help us out! 1. Plan ahead. If you know when the trips ...

Need Help in Creating a More Structured Day for My Very Small in Home Childcare

I am a new full time SAHM (did work as a RN, 3-12s) We plan to homeschool our kids, they are now ages 3 1/2 and 22 mos. My mom is a preschool teacher (she ...

529 College Savings Plan?

I am wondering how I start to set up a 529 college savings plan for my son. ... I am not a numbers person at all so I look at all that paper work and go ...

Exercise After a C-section

Any way, my question is what kind of work out restrctions am I on because of .... I used the plan myself after having 2 children and have shed 52 pounds. ...

Anyone Have Luck with Weight Watchers?

Go for it - if you really want to lose weight, WW will give you a plan that works. ... Yes, Weight Watchers does work, but like everything else it takes ...
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