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Birth Plan and What to Have Ready to Take to the Hospital for the Delivery

It really made me much more comfortable. My hospital has DVD players in the ... the day versus just being in bed so at my meals I would always sit up in a ...

Simple Meals

Complex recipes and comprehensive meal preparation and clean-up make me want ... I even plan my meals for the week sometimes and buy all the groceries that ...

Meals for Children

I always make them separate meals from my husband and me. ... They also get to help me plan our menu and choose what we have for dinner a couple nights a ...

Looking for Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

my meal planning advise: (we do eat meat) plan one big meal over the ... but she has a lot of good cheap recipes- many have surprised me how much the kids ...

Seeking Weight Loss Advice

If you plan it and watch for sales - you want spend more. I also double and freeze alot of my meals to save time. 4. Other tricks: Eat on a smaller plate, ...

Cheap but Nutritious Meal Ideas HELP

My husband feels that he has to have a HUGE meal cooked every night and we are spending a FORTUNE on ... I would appreciate any help that you all can give me. .... Once your meals are planned, make your grocery list. Then snack plan. ...

Easy Frozen Meals

I am looking for some easy meals for lunch and dinner to freeze! If you have any other suggestions for breakfast...please let me know. It's possible my ...

Walt Disney World Dining Plan

I felt it saved me money b.c my daughter, for example, only cost $9.99 per day. .... My husband and I went in October and used the meal plan. ...

How Do I Lose My Baby Tummy???

Each day, I log my meals and sometimes I plan them so that I don't go over my ... If so, let me know. We can email each other with support and challenges. ...

I personally shop off of the site and plan my meals for the week around what ... It wasn't right for me at the time...BUT I know a few people who do it and ...
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