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Children's Life Insurance

I then bought my own $25000 plan for my daughter because I wanted to be sure that I had my own coverage for her, as well I bought a whole life policy verse ...

529 College Savings Plan?

I am wondering how I start to set up a 529 college savings plan for my son. Did anyone use anyone that was really helpful? I am not a numbers person..."

Friends Not Understanding My Busy Life

Maybe plan a girls night out once a month with your friends. .... I prefer to adjust my life to my kids. That is not to say that I NEVER get off schedule or ...

Rejected by Health Insurance Company. Now What?

I had the same problem when my COBRA ran out. I've had Kaiser most of my life and love it. They denied us for an individual plan primarily because we had ...

The Best Medicaid Plan in Central Florida

Sep 30, 2009 ... I have Staywell for my daughter and stepdaughter. Her pediatrician recommended it and all of my neices ... best life insurance · budget plan ...

Need Suggestion for Weight Control

I am hoping to make this a permanent change in my life this time. ... I'm never hungry, and there's room for treats and things like that in the plan. ...

Need Help on a Decent Medical Plan !!!!

My hubby is starting a job where he'll be a independant contractor. ... Living on their Own · Social Life · Staying Organized .... If you need help finding an indiv. plan, please email me and I will forward you the info. to a great ...

Experience Giving Birth in Portland Hospitals?

In this first phone call they scanned my birth plan and made me aware they saw ... there 7 months ago and it was the most fantastic experience of my life. ...

Lose the Baby Weight

Not only did I drop the weight in a healthy manner, but it is also a 'management plan' that I will be continuing for the REST of my LIFE (diet pills, ...

Fas Track Life

Now I am incorporating my husband into the plan, leave work, pick my ... are my life (the children can't take care of themselves, but they do a lot). ...
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