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Varicose Veins - Pregnancy

Either way your plan insurance plan administrator determines what is covered by the plan. I have had 2 pregnancies and had not experienced the vein problems ...

Seeking Nutritionist or Resource to Plan Meals for Gestational Diabetes

The nutritionist worked up a plan for me based on my age, weight, pregnancy, etc . and also showed me how to test my blood, when to test it, etc. ...

Medical Insurance and Pregnancy - How Does It Work???

I am a plan administrator. The way most births work is that the doc does not bill the insurance company until the end of the pregnancy. ...

High Risk Pregnancy

Also offers monthly meetings to educate women beyond the obstetrical scare tactics and to plan a joyous, healthy pregnancy and delivery ...

When Do I Tell at Work ??About My Pregnancy

About My Pregnancy. I know the normal rule says 3 months or so but here is my siatuation .... If you go in there nervous and don't know what your plans are, ...

Pregnancy Pains

She said it really helped her and this is what I plan to do with my next pregnancy. If you try it, let us know how it works! Good luck! Helpful? ...

Unplanned Pregnancy -- How to Tell the Father

I would look in the phone book under adoption for a crisis pregnancy center. NOT PLANNED PArenTHOOD. Many of these centers work with women whether they plan ...

What Do You Wish You Would Have Done Before and During Pregnancy?

I also plan to eat stuff with Xylitol (toward the end of pregnancy) and get more vitamin D (sun) to help so my next child might have better dental health ...

Trying to Get Pregnant While Still Nursing?

I have not had a period since before i was pregnant with my little man, so I couldnt even try and plan this pregnancy like I did the first. ...

IUD + Pregnancy

Go to your doctor that you have seen for your last pregnancies. They know you best. Perhaps they can work out a payment plan for you. ...
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