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Teen Issues

You can't change where you're going, but you can ask her to plan one of the days events or an evening on Spring Break. Get her input, let her google ...

Birth Plan and What to Have Ready to Take to the Hospital for the Delivery

also do you need a birth plan if you're having a cesarean? ... 3) If you end up with a c-section and plan to wear some of your own clothing choose some ...

Which Plan for Pregnancy - PPO or CDHP? What Was Your Experience?

Events · Milestones · Dating & Relationships ... I am not familiar with the CDHP , but just had a baby with UHC's PPO plan. While the per paycheck costs are ...

Grandparents Not Complying with Wishes

Just act normal, have fun with them and your son, go out of your way to plan events for them to be a part of. This way they'll know that you are not trying ...

Need a Better Health Insurance Plan

We found it was cheaper for me to have my own plan from them with maternity and he and our son to have a seperate plan than to add me to his when I quit ...

Retirement Plan for Self Employed

Read all 6 responses: "I am looking for a good retirement plan. I am 40 years old and have being living in the USA for 7 years. I am self employed.

New Cell Phone Plan

I am looking to replace my cell phone and get a new plan, as the company I am with is merging and canceling all contracts soon. I use no more than 800- 1000 ...

Looking for a Good Inexpensive Life Insurance Plan Outside My Husbands Job.

He has Life Insurance, a great retirement plan and the family is covered under united Health Care Medical Insurance..."

Will and Estate Plan Needed near Poway

We just had our Estate Plan and Will done with him and he was extrememly thorough, knowledgable, and explained everything completely. ...

Inauguration Day Events for Kids

We will watch Obama's swearing-in live, and I plan on asking the kids what they ... potatoes watching the inauguration events on the tv that I'll be taping. ...
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