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Jul 27, 2009 ... With my first child I was induced, then given pitocin. ... My labor was much friendlier without the pitocin, my birth experience was warm and loving with my ...

Velamentous Insertion of Umbilical Cord

Read all 5 responses: "Hey all, so I wrote about Pitocin before and it's because of the above subject. First of all, has anybody delivered their baby ...

Advice About Induction

Birth is a lot tougher with pitocin, so my comment would be this: if you would like ... I was induced using pitocin and had a normal vaginal birth with no ...

Inducing Labor?

In truth, I barely needed any pitocin at all and Ryan came out very .... If you knew what the pitocin was made of-I am sure that you might not choose to use ...

Uterus Not Contracting After Birth of Baby

So at the next birth I infomed my doctor of that problme and he just gave me a shot of pitocin right after I delivered the baby, which got my uterus to ...

Castor Oil to Induce Labor

Just want to caution on inducement and pitocin. All 3 of mine came c-sect. Never had a good labor. Middle child was induced and water broke at the same time ...

Scheduled C-section V. Induction for Macrosomia

Pitocin was actually made based off the properties of semen. .... This time, when I arrived at the hospital, they put my right in bed and gave me pitocin. ...


Apr 11, 2009 ... I had no problems with the pitocin and the labor pains were the same as my other .... I had the Pitocin and had my water broken both times, ...

Inducing Labor

Pitocin can make your contractions really hurt and speed your labor up too fast. .... I was in my room in bed getting hooked up to the pitocin at 1pm and he ...

Questions About Inducing Labor

When I was induced, they gave me and IV and pitocin to make the contractions ... They still had to give me the pitocin because my labor wasn't progressing. ...
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