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Decorating Girls' Bedroom

We did our nusery pink with small 1 inch dots of chocolate. ... If all the walls are solid pink right now you can run a pience of painting tape horizontally ...

Eye Infection in 7 Month Old

Jul 10, 2009 ... Pink eye is crusty - not allergies usually. Check again with the doctor, ... Pink eye is SO contagious... Yet not painful (at least in my ...

Pink Barbie Piano - Need to Get Find a New Home for It.

Read all 12 responses: "Hi - My daughter begged Santa for a pink, baby grand Barbie piano last year for Christmas. Good Santa brought it and I think my ...

Any Suggestions on How to Get Eye Drops into a 2 Yr Old's Eye?

My son is 28 months now, but He had pink eye back in February (about 26 ... When my 18 month old had pink eye the doctor told us to put the drops in the ...

Need Ideas for a Ballerina Birthday Party.

Pink gift gags with pink bows would be cute for goodie bags and inside them you could put little ballerina dolls, pink candy, and other little trinkets that ...

Ideas for Table Decorations at Ladies Night Out

Black plastic table cloths and pink sequin confetti- go to the party aisle at Wal-mart. ... Pink would be easiest to find in a wal-mart or dollar store, ...

Help! I Can't Find Brown Tablecloths Anywhere for My Daughter's 1St B-day!

I have pictured in my mind a beautiful brown & pink birthday! I went to Party City and a few dollar stores and when I ask a store associate about "brown" ...

Icing Tips/recipes for Homemade Birthday Cake

I also want the icing to be pink or purple- any tips on how to dye it? ... If you are looking for pink icing and concerned about taste, my kids love the ...

Fun Way of Telling in Laws Baby's Gender

If you are having a girl for instance you could fill a girley tote bag with Pink pacifiers, Bottles, onsies, burp cloths, puddle pads, teethers, etc. ...

Fingernail Polish in Carpet -- Eek

Read all 6 responses: "Hi Moms, Anyone know how to get pink fingernail polish out of beige carpet. It is about the size of a quarter.
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  • nail polish remover and a lot in 2 answers "I got it out using the full strength nail polish remover and a LOT of blotting."
  • blocked tear duct in 2 answers "Most likely there is something else going on, perhaps a blocked tear duct, depending ..."
  • puppy dog tails in 2 answers "If a boy, a rubber snake, a fake puppy dog tails!"
  • cream cheese frosting in 2 answers "... looking frosting and it may change the colors a bit. cream cheese frosting ..."
  • brown table cloths in 2 answers "I am not 100% sure if they have brown table cloths, but they do have a large assortment."