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Pools in Pinellas County

J.M. asks from Tampa

Does anyone have any recommendations for any of the public pools in Pinellas county specifically St. Pete/Largo/Clearwater/Seminole areas?? I have a 3 1/2 son and we...


Water Play Areas for Toddler

N.S. asks from Tampa

Just wondering what some good water play areas are for toddlers - it is too hot for the regular park! I had heard there is a splash zone in oldsmar - but isn't there ...


Question for Florida residents....Do You Love Where You Live?

T.O. asks from Minneapolis

My husband and I are soooo tired of living in a cold weather state. We have lived here all our lives and absolutely hate winter! We have taken many vacations in Flo...


Home Schooling

K.L. asks from Tampa

Hello my name is K. and I have three beautiful boys, oldest is 13 going on 16, a 9 year old and a 4 year old. Well it seems that my boys are not really liking school ...

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  • family aquatic center in 2 answers "... Norton, North Greenwood Recreation, & Clearwater Beach Family Aquatic Center ..."
  • lowry park in 2 answers "... Lowry Park ..."
  • florida aquarium in 2 answers ":) The Florida Aquarium has a splash area as well."
  • community pools in 2 answers "In gainesville We have the benfit of some great community pools & I have one in my ..."
  • water fountain in 2 answers "There is a nice pool, with slide and mushroom water fountain at Clearwater Beach across ..."