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When to Tell 4 Year Old About Pregnancy

I would wait till after the ultrasound to be sure, plus it will not be so long for her to wait for .... pregnancy comments · ultrasound pictures at 20 weeks ...

VCUG And Renal Ultrasounds

The renal ultrasound is a piece of cake, I just told my kids they were getting pictures taken of their bellies, they look on the screen and they were fine. ...

Sex Determination at 16 Weeks?

I have a book with wonderful pictures of fetus as it grows. ... pediatricians when the mall-ultrasound picture-shops went in ... the increases in autism, ...

3D Ultrasound Recommendation in NMB Area

We spent $200 for 30 minute session and a cd and pictures to keep. While it was an interesting experience, the ultrasound looks nothing like what the baby ...

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family

If you have an ultrasound picture you could frame it and wrap it. I let my parents know by making an Easter card for my mom and dad and at the bottom of the ...

Choroid Plexus Cyst on 18Wk Fetus' Brain

I'm sure you're nervous, but on a positive note, the level II ultrasound was AMAZING. The detail in the pictures was almost a bit scary b/c I felt like - OH ...

Any Ideas for Telling Husband What Gender We Are Having?

If you are into crafty stuff you could make a scrapbook page with the ultrasound picture and then baby things like rattles, etc and use the pink or blue for ...

Dermoid Cyst

I had a miscarriage (9 wks along) and when I had the ultrasound to ... The only thing the dr. did was took pictures of my uterus and ovaries with the scope. ...

Fun Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

The very last picture in the album was the ultrasound of our 2nd. It took grandma a minute to figure out what it was but then she loved it! Helpful? ...

Pregnant with 2Nd Child

I would try to get some extra ultrasound pictures and put them in a card for them. My friend did that and it turned out to be an excellent surprise! ...
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