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Plagiocephaly - Flat Head - Need Advice

J.B. asks from Minneapolis

I suspect that my nephew has plagiocephaly but I don't know how to approach my brother on the subject. Looking for ideas/suggestions. My son who is now 2 1/2 had ...


Plagiocephaly / Flat Head, Has Anyone Opted NOT to Fix It??

J.P. asks from Phoenix

My daughter is 5 months old and has plagiocephaly. The back of her head is flat but also it's flatter on one side due to Torticolis in the neck. Hers is considered mo...


Wondering About Older Kids with Plagiocephaly (Flat Head from Back Sleeping)

E.A. asks from Dallas

My daughter is nine months old and her head is slowly getting better but still noticablly flat from sleeping on her back. I discuss this issue with her pediatrician a...


7 Mo. Old W/ Plagiocephaly: Any Opinions on Cranial Tech Vs. STAR?

C.M. asks from Dallas

My 7 mo. old son just had his evaluation for plagiocephaly at Children's and is needing a DOC band. I have 2 options for where I can get it made: Cranial Tech. & STA...


Needing Advice on Helmets for Plagiocephaly (Flat Head)

S.T. asks from New York

My little 6 month old son has a slighly flat side on his left side of his head. Our pediatrecian has recommended physical therapy, which my son is doing twice a week...


Cranial Molding Cap Suggestions or Advice

C.W. asks from Lansing

My eight month old son is medically required (per his physician) to wear a cranial molding cap/helmet for plagiocephaly and torticollis beginning next week. He will b...


10 Month Old with a Flat Head!

A.J. asks from Portland

My son, because of sleeping on his back for the first several months of life, has a VERY flat back of his head. It's not just flat, IT'S FLAT! Like a cliff! His pe...


Flat Head Syndrome

A.S. asks from Dallas

I need some advice from you moms out there! Does anyone have an older child with a flat head? My son is 3 & 1/2 now, but he was born 6 weeks early and I was so worri...



S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Yesterday when we took my son in for his 2 month appt, the doctor thought he might have torticollis. This is when a baby has a tendency to look toward one side due to...


How Can I Help My Baby's Head Shape Properly?

C.R. asks from San Diego

My baby girl is 11 weeks old now. Two weeks ago she had a check up with her pediatrician and everything looked perfect. Everything except for the fact that the Dr. ...

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  • memory foam pillow in 2 answers "There are great sleep positioners that have a memory foam pillow on the top."
  • beautifully shaped head in 2 answers "... her back, and after 2 sessions, she had a miraculously beautifully shaped head."
  • used cranial tech in 2 answers "We used Cranial Tech about a year and a half ago and was VERY happy with the personnel ..."
  • also had a flat head in 2 answers "My son also had a flat head as an infant, and I too questioned the ped."
  • early childhood intervention in 2 answers "round out', several including ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) said they will not."