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Recommendations for New Cell phone/MP3 Player

Read all 6 responses: "Can anyone recommend a good cell phone that also is an MP3 Player? It's been soooo long since I got a new phone so I am so out of ...

Cell Phone and Friends for Young Teen Boys

Read all 24 responses: "My 13 year old boy has not once this year invited any of his friends home. I've asked him many times to ask someone over and even ...

Want Advice on Other Phone Services for Cell Phones

Read all 36 responses: "I am looking to change my cell phone Coverage from Metro PCS to something else. Yes Metro has no contract, and yes the phone plans ...

Do We Get Rid of Our Land Line?

We are thinking of getting rid of our land line and use our cell phones instead. I was wondering if anyone else has done so. My concern is my 4 y/o. ...

15 Year Old Who Stays on Computer All the Time.

I have a 15 year old step-son who lives on the computer or the cell phone. I know that at this age that is what most teenagers do, but the minute he gets ...

Verizon Phone Recommendation?

What I found out is if you have a gmail account, you can use their calendar and have events text to your cell phone. That's what I have been doing. ...

Internet Without Phone Line Anyone Have It

It works all over the country and I have a cell phone so do not have a home phone at all. Maybe this will help you. The broadband card that goes in your ...

Radiant Barrier and Insulation

We have had no problems with cell phone coverage whatsoever. Helpful? ... Our cell phones work fine in the house and we use them a lot. ...

Phone or Not?

The money you would spend on a cell phone and monthly plan could instead be used .... I'm sure this is parental fault but the cell phones are NOT helping. ...

Need Inexpensive Internet & Phone Service

We currently have At&t Broadband and home phone service costing aprox. $80.00 a month with no extras. (We primarily use our cell phones. ...
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