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Teen Cell Phone Vs. No Cell Phone

J. asks from Provo

I have yet to see something about taking a stand against cell phones. My son has been asking, actually begging me to get him one (he is 16). We have gone round and ...


Android Phone or iPhone 4?

D.P. asks from Dallas

Help, I lost my phone and need to get a new one and not sure If I should go iPhone 4 or an android smart phone?


Answering the Phone - at What Age?

M.M. asks from Chicago

At what age did you child begin to answer the phone? And at what age did you find they were proficient at phone answering, manners, etiquette? ADD: This question...


Cell Phone for Child

M.O. asks from Portland

I want to find a cell phone for my son so that he can call me at night. His mom will not allow him to use her home phone. I want a phone that I can set up so th...


Anyone Have an Old Sprint Phone?

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Does anyone have an old sprint phone they want to sell? My phone broke and I'm not up for an upgrade and can;t afford the whopping 650 for the new phone they had in s...


Droid Phone from Verizon

C.M. asks from Dallas

Hey Moms, I'm looking for your opinions on the Droid Phone from Verizon. I'm due for a new phone and can get a special offer on a Droid so I'm trying to decide if...


Cell Phone Question

H.D. asks from Dallas

I am due for a cell phone upgrade so I went to the AT&T store and picked out a new phone. The salesman said I could only get that phone if I upgraded my plan to unlim...


Kids and Phone Calls from Friends

C.R. asks from Kansas City

Just looking to see if I'm being realistic or stupid! Do you think a first grader should receive phone calls from friends after school? What age do you allow your chi...


Help with My New Cell Phone!

D.V. asks from Pittsburgh

OMG! I was eligible for an upgrade in 07! I LOVED my old cell phone. My sweetest sweet youngest daughter decided it needed a bath......So I hated the thought of go...


Comcast for Phone Service

C.Y. asks from Chicago

Wondering if anyone is using comcast for phone service? They are offering a great deal if you are using them for phone internet and cable. I am already using them f...

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