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Smart Phone?

C.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi everyone! I am looking for advice, recommendations, etc. I have had a Palm Pilot for years – I don’t have my email on it, but used it heavily for my calen...


Just Curious... Home Phone, Cell Phone or Both?

C.M. asks from Cincinnati

My husband and I both have cell phones. We have been toying with the the idea of either switching our home phone (traditional land line) to internet phone, or maybe ...


Any of You Access Mamapedia from Your Cell Phone??

M.P. asks from Sacramento

what kind of phone do you have and do you like it?


Anyone Have Wowway Phone?

K.W. asks from Detroit

Thinking about switching over to the wowway phone to save money does anyone have it and how do they like it? Had any problems with the phone line? And did you get to ...


Tablet and Simple Phone Instead of Smart Phone

M.D. asks from Detroit

I have had a smart phone for a year or so and enjoy using it for email, facebook, navagation, and occasional information seeking while I am out and about. The kids (...


How to Obtain Phone Records

S. asks from Dallas

I need to find a phone number from someone who called me back in November on my cell phone. Is there any way to obtain those records? I have a new cell phone since th...


Seeking Advice on Phone for Kids

V.W. asks from Chicago

I am interested in maybe purchasing a mobile phone for my young daughter. Is anyone familiar with the Firefly phone for kids (has parental controls) or any other phon...


Boyfriend's Cell Phone

D.D. asks from New York

I received a call from a woman saying 'I have a cell phone here that says to call this phone number if found'. At first I thought my hubby must have dropped his cell ...


Teanager Talking on Phone Too Long

B.W. asks from Springfield

My teenager has been talking on the phone too long. I found out from the phone bill that she has been talking on the phone way too long; until wee hours in the mornin...


Looking to Upgrade My Cell Phone

A.K. asks from Madison

I am looking to upgrade my cell phone to an android phone. I have US Cellular and am leaning towards the mesmerize. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations.

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  • your cell phone company in 2 answers "... that your bill is due via email, then you can contact your cell phone company ..."
  • dont need a data plan in 2 answers "... iPod touch and a prepaid phone in lieu of a smartphone. I don't need a data plan ..."
  • our cell phones in 3 answers "... trace the call if needed and I don't have to worry wether or not our cell phones ..."
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