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Seeking Good Home for Dog is a huge site and is nation wide and free. ... You should try you can place a free classified add on their website if you are ...

Looking for a Shih Tzu Puppy for Valentines Day

look at may not be purebred but you could save an animal ... is a great way to locate rescued dogs who so badly need good ...

What to Look for in a Dog When You Have 2 School Age Children?

Go to They have so much info about dogs and what kind would fit for ... We had luck going to and finding a dog that was from a ...

New Addition to Family?

I would highly recommend checking out They have a list of dogs available at various rescue organizations as well as Humane Society. ...

Seeking Recommendation on Dog Breed

I would try petfinder after getting a dogbreed book or going on to ... Check out They have many dogs through local rescue groups. ...

Dog, Allergies & Looking for a Breeder.

PETFINDER.COM first, to seek a rescued Wheaton Terrier, or many of the other less-allergenic breeds. There is no such things as a "hypo-allergenic" dog, ...

Info on Labrododdles

You can find him on and type in the breed. They are will to travel him if you are .... is a great resource for adopting a dog. ...

Seeking Advice on Purchasing a Dog.

Another resource is, they list local shelter and rescue adoptions. Be prepared to fill out paperwork, have a home inspection, give references ...

New Pet Recommendation?

we had great success with a rescue we found on is also a great website. most rescue groups let you "try-on" a pet to make sure ...

We Want to Get the Kids a Puppy for Christmas!!!!

You can also go to and put in some breeds you are ... I would suggest you take a look at to find your new family member. ...
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