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HELP!! How to Get Urine Out of My Sofa!!!!

Go to your local Petco and ask for a product called Nature's Miracle it works wonders it can completely get rid of the odor of cat urine which is a lot ...

Area Rug with Dog Pee

I'm sure you can have your area rug cleaned but first I'd call or go to a good, big pet store like Petco Or Petsmart--- and discuss the issue with them-- ...

Dog Urine Burning My Lawn

I was going to suggest the pills they sell in the pet store - Petco has .... I know Petco in DeKalb carries them. We use that for our female dog and it ...

Dog Groomer and a Lawn Service in Keller

There is a girl name Misty at Petco on Hwy 377 ask specifically for her and tell her that P. Hill sent you. I wouldn't trust my dogs (shar pei's) with ...

How to get rid the dog pee smell out of carpet?

Try " Nature's Miracle " found at Petsmart or Petco. Great for pet odors and stains - we use it for every kind of pet or human stain on the ...

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Plastic Toddler Bed

Jul 28, 2009 ... There's a product called Nature's Miracle that you can get at PetSmart or PetCo. It's specifically designed to eliminate the spray smell of ...

Getting Rid of the Urine Smell When Puppy Has an Accident

I buy it at Petsmart/Petco - somewhere like that. ... You can get both at Petco. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Dog Food

We've had our 7 year old 85 lb, lab and boxer cross on Hill's Science Diet available at Petco or PetSmart for just over 6 years. ...

Baby Gate with Cat Door?

I have seen something like this at petco or petsmart. It was a gate for a dog with a door for the cat to get through. But it is just like a baby gate. ...


If you do decide to get one, you can go to Petco or Petsmart, and take Cheese Nip with you to meet his possible new match! Beware if you get a female of ...
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  • your newest family member in 2 answers "Good luck with your newest family member!"
  • hills science diet in 4 answers "We have a 2yr old black lab, and we feed her Hill's Science Diet."
  • called natures miracle in 2 answers "At the pet store you can purchase an item called Natures Miracle."
  • use natures miracle in 2 answers "... used to be 5, and we have had our share of accidents! we use nature's miracle ..."
  • tea tree oil in 2 answers "or water with vinegar and few drops of tea tree oil mixed maybe will help but not ..."