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My Son's Pet

T.F. asks from Decatur

I recently found my son's pet cat dead on the highway he thinks Waffles ran away should I tell him the truth???


Perfect Pet?

A.D. asks from Eau Claire

My daughter is 5 years old. I was thinking about getting her/the family a pet but I am not sure what to get. Is there an inexpensive pet that is good for that age and...


Pet Loss

G.W. asks from Philadelphia

today i had to put our dog to sleep she was a great dog my three year girl lexi is freaking out please help me help her deal with this


Losing a Pet

T.B. asks from Des Moines

My husband had a cat long before I met him. I was never a cat fan but figured the cat came with the man so I had to "deal" with it. That was 13 years ago. We have ...


PET LOVERS, How Much to Spend on Medical Bills???

J.B. asks from Houston

We are a pet loving family, 1 cat and 2 dogs (rescue pets) and 1 Chihuahua full blood. Well last night the Chihuahua who is 1.5 yrs old started having seizures. Thi...


Tips for Traveling with the Family Pet

A.L. asks from Charleston

We are taking our 13 year old dog with us to NY for Christmas this year. We are driving, and she has not been in a car that long since she was about 5 or 6. We have a...


Need Ideas for Pet Memorial

A.D. asks from San Francisco

Hi My family lost our beloved dog of 15 years today and needless to say my three children are devestated. Our boys are 10 and 9 and we have a three year old daugh...


Seeking Advice on Explaining a Pet Death

A.W. asks from Philadelphia

We just found out that our lovable lab has terminal cancer and is in a lot of pain. We are probably going to have her put down this week to end her suffering. My hus...


In Need of Emotional Support for the Loss of My Beloved Pet, Lucky.

K.H. asks from New York

This past Thursday, 17 July, one of the most precious loves of my life, my little 9 year old Bichon named Lucky was attacked and killed in the park by a very large do...


Dog Got Out!

J.W. asks from Houston

My 10 year old rat terrier who has never dug holes until now, got out of our yard on January 8 when I was not home. Immediately we began searching our neighborhood...

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