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Pet Stains

M. asks from Chicago

I have tried to remove the odor of pet urine from my carpet and have not had much luck. I tried the natures miracle, did not work for me, I have tried vinegar, I have...


Pet Peeve of the Day - JFF

T.K. asks from Dallas

It seems like we all need to get something off our chest today. Someone called it [email protected] fest of the day. :) Mine is because I am a working mom and it's ...


Need Help with Carpet Pet Stains

J.M. asks from Chicago

Help! My miniature schnauzer is getting so old he often relieves himself on my off white carpet. It is now off yellow all over from many "accidents". We try to tak...


PET LOVERS, How Much to Spend on Medical Bills???

J.B. asks from Houston

We are a pet loving family, 1 cat and 2 dogs (rescue pets) and 1 Chihuahua full blood. Well last night the Chihuahua who is 1.5 yrs old started having seizures. Thi...


StepMom Needs Advice - Medical Issue Disagreement W/ BioMom

A.F. asks from San Antonio

Help! Stepmother of 4 years here, and I need some HONEST in your face advice from all moms, stepmoms and dads out in cyberspace. Here is some background: Stepson ...


Health Advice

K.H. asks from Clarksville

My 7 year old daughters eyes stay dialated. I have always told her that they look like cat eyes. She has complained now for 3 years with really bad headaches. To the ...


Dogs Owners

E.M. asks from Atlanta

Where do you take your dogs for their shots/ etc? I have been taking my dogs to Barnafield at Pet Smart but sometimes I find they are a little too expensive if you h...


Chemo Question

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

My mom finished her last round of chemo two weeks ago. Yay! They told her that she would need a body scan to determine whether or not the cancer was in remission. She...


Update on My Previous Post, My Mom Has Lung Cancer Please Help Me!!!

R.U. asks from Boston

So I had written prior about my mom and mostly about my anxiety and how to deal. Well, after the pet scan they confirmed the mass in her lung which is the size of a q...


Rewards Cards Everywhere ! ! ! Is This Annoying to Anyone Eles???

S.D. asks from Phoenix

Take justice for instance..... I get asked questions just to check out. Email ? Phone number ? coupons ? Now Walgreens, CVS, Michaels, Grocery Stores, Shoe Stores, ...

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