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Any Suggestions for Getting Rid of Ticks?

My dog is an indoor/outdoor dog (more indoor) so I was amazed that with the collar she was getting them. But once we shaved her and started putting on the ...

Fleas Are Out of Control!!!!! Help!!!

I have had to take off their regular collars because they jingle when they itch ... It is a pill that will start killing all fleas that your dog has on it ...

Do You Have an Invisible Fence?

At the time I had the premium package, so they came out to train me and the dog and help out when I needed. The setting on the collar was set at puppy level ...

The Neighbors Free Range Pit Bull

Read all 6 responses: "Hi Moms and Pet Owners, I have a situation that is new to me in my ... they wear collars then and I keep a leash in my purse. ...

English Mastiffs

You have to take special considerations with them (special collars, not having a small dog as well,) but the ones I have met are sweet dogs who are very ...

Help Finding Locks for Childproofing Framed Kitchen Cabinets

Dog collars! Quick release style flat nylon or cotton dog collars. these are the only thing which actually worked for us. The collars are adjustable and the ...

Goody Bag Ideas

I bought small stainless steel dog bowls at the dollar bin in Target that the kids will decorate, eat out of and take home. We're going to make dog collars ...

Being Eaten Alive by Fleas

I'm thinking of buying flea collars for everyone's ankles. We've used flea powder, which seems to work for a day ..... frontline plus for dogs · pet collars ...

Birthday Parties

So we had a Dog themed party it was a blast. We made dog "collars" (beaded necklace with a scrapbooking tag in the center) for each guest as they came in ...

Feril Kittens

She's very timid and wont let you pet her or go near her. Her kittens were born ... I know they are too young to put powder,dip them or put collars on them. ...
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