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Adopting a Cat

A.H. asks from Longview

I've never had a cat before, but we've been thinking about getting one. Does it matter if it's male or female? What kinds of things do we need to buy before we bring ...


Pet Stains

M. asks from Chicago

I have tried to remove the odor of pet urine from my carpet and have not had much luck. I tried the natures miracle, did not work for me, I have tried vinegar, I have...


DD And Cat

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

My 4 1/2 yr old will not leave our cat alone. The cat is 17 yrs old, deaf, and feisty. My DD gets right in the cat's face, pulls on her, and recently cornered the c...


Pet Insurance??

N.R. asks from Chicago

Trying to decide if pet insurance is a good idea. I hear from some that it is, but don't have a lot of info. We've had our dog under 1 year and have already made quit...


How Is a Parakeet as a Pet?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

Anyone have a Parakeet? Good pet, yes? No? Was thinking of getting one, a family pet. We have another bird already, but it would be in a separate cage and we alre...


Pet Insurance

E.M. asks from Phoenix

We just adopted a dog this weekend and this is my first dog so I am unsure about pet insurance. Some people say its a scam others say it's a must have. What do you ...


Pet Sitter or Pet Boarding?

T.C. asks from Austin

We're going on a summer vacation vacation and trying to decide whether to board our cat or use a pet sitter with it in our house or keep it outdoors. Last year whe...


Perfect Pet?

A.D. asks from Eau Claire

My daughter is 5 years old. I was thinking about getting her/the family a pet but I am not sure what to get. Is there an inexpensive pet that is good for that age and...


Memorial for a Pet

M.M. asks from Rochester

Hi ladies - we recently lost a fairly young cat, less than 4 years old, probably a victim to a predator in the woods. We searched the neighborhood for her and knocke...


Do You Have a Rat as a Pet?

S.J. asks from Saginaw

If so do you find it to be a lot of work? Do you find it to be a good pet for young children 6 and under? We have thought about this a lot and know that we cannot/do ...

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  • will need a litter box in 2 answers "... to clean in case of an accident while traveling. You will need a litter box."
  • guinea pig in 6 answers "I personaly found getting a guinea pig for my two when they were 4 and 21/2 was the ..."
  • indoor outdoor cat in 2 answers "I had an indoor/outdoor cat (she was mostly outside), and that is what we didn't when ..."
  • spay or neuter in 2 answers "A bunch of disjointed thoughts: Gender doesn't matter, but spay or neuter either ..."
  • dont pick up the poop in 2 answers "i take our dog or cat to get shots and thats about it. we dont pick up the poop."