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So Soon Before You Replace an Animal That Has Died?

I accidentialy ran over Derek's cat while he was staying the night at his ... so if your little boy wants another pet, go right ahead and give him one. ...

Something to Keep Cat from Scratching Funiture

Try Pet Organics "No Scratch" for cats. It sorta smells like food, lol, because it has things like garlic in it. It works GREAT. And really, once cats get ...

Help....Cats Peeing on Floor...

It sounds like either one (or both) of the older cats are marking their territory, or the kitten just isn't fully litter box trained. I use Woolite Pet ...

Putting a Family Pet to Sleep

This is the HARD part of pet ownership and as a pet sitter, I've watched several clients go ... I had to put my cat to sleep recently for the same reasons. ...

How to cat proof my cats from my child?

I have two active younger cats who have good vertical jumps. ... I am pretty sure I remember seeing some good pet gates in those magazines. Helpful? ...

Baby Gate That Lets a Cat Through

I have an 8 month old that is learning to crawl and we have the exact same problem with our cat. We decided to put a pet door in the actual door to the ...

Friend's Cat Has Been Urinating/defacating on the Floor

is the cat old and incontinent(sp?)? I'd try a professional cleaning where they remove all traces of previous pet odors (those are HARD to get out, ...

HELP. SOS Getting Rid of Cat Urine and Feral Cats.

To get rid of the cat urine smell, try "Nature's Miracle". You can get it at any pet store and it is specially formulated to remove offensive pet odors. ...

Pet Boarding in Clearwater/Safety Harbor Area

My aunt and uncle use the vet/pet boarding on Sunset Point Road. I don't know the name of the place, but they use it all the time for their cat and love it! ...

Cat Peeing on Everything Now That Baby Is Here!

I've heard there is a spray you can spary on objects to keep a pet from wanting to pee on it, don't know if this would work for a cat as independant as they ...
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