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How to Remove Cat Dander

The bedroom it was in at her house is where her black cat slept. I am HORRIBLY allergic..." ... I have been told that pet dander stays for about to years. ...

Help Getting Rid of Cat Urine Smell!

The only other time I had a problem like that with my cat, she had an UTI. .... The stuff at the pet stores works, you just have to use ALOT of it. ...

A Pet Rabbit.

My husband decided to get our daughter a pet rabbit for early Easter. ... I used regular cat litter. I kept about 4 litter boxes on hand so 1 would always ...

What to Do with a Pet That Has Passed Way

They can dispose of the cat for you. I didn't know it was illegal to bury a pet. that a Missouri thing or a county thing? Interesting. ...

Why Would Our Cat Stop Using Her Cat Box After 12 Perfect Years?!?

The only thing I can say is keep the box clean, duh, and if you have changed anything, gotten another or gotten rid of a pet, your cat may be reacting. ...

Eeeek!!! Cat Pee Smell>>> No Cat!!!

The only thing that really gets rid of the cat pee is Nature's Miracle. I got it at Pet Smart. Its an enzyme cleaner that actually destroys the pee. ...

Need a Place to Board My Dogs and Cat During Thanksgiving

I live in Gresham but take my two dogs to Montage Dog and Cat Kennels. ... Luv- Your-Pet on 136th/137th off Fourth Plain is a great place. ...

Bad Smelling Cat Poop! Help!

I'm not sure if it's bad or not, but there are pet foods out there that you can get. They're usually called "Indoor Cat Formula" or something like that. ...

How to deal with cat peeing on floor?

We had a cat that peed on the floor and we used Nature's Miracle. You can buy it in pet stores and it will get rid of that smell. Good luck. Helpful? ...

Natural Way to Remove Pet Odors

We've tried all kinds of pet stain and odor removers, and now only use a 50/50 solution of ... I have steam-cleaned with vinegar and it works for cat urine. ...
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