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I called a pest control company that advertised "non-toxic" flea powder/control for people with children and pets in their homes, and I had them come out. ...

Getting Rid of Bugs

... had our garbage disposal replaced, and had two differnet pest control companies out who said they couldn't do anything better than we were doing. ...

Ants Taking over My Home... Pregnant, a 2 Yo and a Dog

Also, I agree with you - I wouldn't want pesticide in the house either, no matter what the pest control companies and doctors say. ...

EEK Need Help with Scorpions.

It has been said by many pest control companies, that once you have them, you will never get rid of them. I hope that is not true, but being proactive and ...

Compare Home Warranty Companies

I have found a company who claims to be the best. ... The feeling of having no choice or control over the situation is very uncomfortable and frustrating. ...

What Home Warranty Company Do You Have?

Painting · Pest Control · Remodel · Roofing ... We've had several different companies due to lots of moves. For the most part we've found that they're not ...

Experience with Home Warranty Company?

Read all 10 responses: "We are looking for a Home Warranty Company. Has anyone had experience with a company ... Painting · Pest Control · Remodel · Roofing ...

How to Get Rid of Mold and Ants in House?

Did you use Pest control? Is that safe for small kids and pets? ... but otherwise, don't rush to your insurance company: once a mold has been diagnosed, ...


I tried everything from pest control companies to Raid and nothing worked until I tried a product called Terro. ( We used it continuously for ...

Looking for Exterminator That Doesn't SPRAY Things.

I really don't like chemicals at all, but I know all the companies use them, ... I use Middleton Pest Control. Their customer service isn't always the best. ...
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