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Try the yahoo personals, mate1, and there are several others. I meet the most interesting people ... I actually signed up on Yahoo personals to meet people. ...

Dating Sites

Hi, I met my boyfriend on yahoo personals and we had been together for almost three years. .... I met my husband on yahoo personals almost 4 years ago. ...

Mom Left Out

(I'm sure to talk about it) Now I think I've ruined a friendship by taking it to personal. Should I have just kept my mouth shut. ...

"Seeking Advise on What to Do, How to Move On"

I wouldn't e-mail him or try to call him to let him know when and where court is or that you're filing for divorce....just put it in the personal's section ...

What Do You Call Private Parts

I think it is a personal preference and no right answer. ... But around here we call it their "personals". My girlfriend started it with her daughter, ...

Packing Bag to Bring to Hospital

Pack a bag of your personals, a bag for your labor tools and a bag for baby. ... My personal experience is that I prefer to wear the hospital gowns...of ...

About Delivery...

All your personal stuff. makeup, wash stuff, etc. lip gloss, chap stick-a must when you are breathing like a horse and your lips are dry. ...

On a Personal Note

K.G. asks from Detroit

Are there any ladies out there that are current reps for the company On A Personal Note? How easy is it? How do you get business?


Personal Trainer

S.S. asks from Dallas

I am trying to find a personal trainer that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg!! Do any of you have any recommendations? Thanx in advance!


Personal Trainer

C.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good and affordable personal trainer in the area. I'm looking for someone to help me figure out a good work out routine ...

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