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Gifted Testing - What's the Risk?

K.L. asks from Erie

It seems like many people are opposed to "labeling" a child as gifted. For those who are, what is the risk? I was identified as gifted at a very young age, so I hav...


JFF: What's Your Job?

M.B. asks from Washington DC

Are you a SAHM, or not? What does your husband/spouse do? Do you have any hobbies/side jobs (that you may get a little money for)? I'm a SAHM of four. I do pain...


Boycotting Fundraisers

S.B. asks from Portland

Good day to all you mamas out there: I don't necessarily need advice on this topic as I already have my mind made up but I was just kind of peeking out there in in...


A Boy with ADHD, Mom's Tired of Yelling

N.M. asks from Chicago

If anyone could help me, I will listen and take any pointers. My son was finely diagnosed with ADHD. He is 6 1/2 years old. It's been a very long process to finally g...


Gifted and Talented Testing

J.G. asks from McAllen

Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with thier child going through the GT testing? The school my daughter (age 5) attends sent home a parent nomination form and ...


Separation Anxiety at 7?

S.S. asks from Phoenix

My son is in the first grade and exhibits out of control separation anxiety. Every morning he screams and cries, chases after me and will not let me leave him at sch...

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