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Kid Activites with Low Parental Committment

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- The recent dance comp question got me thinking. What kind of kid activities don't require a lot of parental involvement? This is not a snarky q...


Preschool Blues

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mommies! I have a daughter who just turned 3 April 1. She is still catching up with her speech,speech therapist said she is advance intelligence wise and that ...


Interested in Doing Volunterr Work but Don't Know Where to Start!

J.L. asks from Phoenix

I'm interested in doing some local volunteering but just have no idea where to begin! MY oldest is starting KG in a couple weeks and this will free up some time for m...


Do Costs Get Any Easier After They Leave Daycare?

B.D. asks from Wichita

Hello ladies, We've got 2 young children in daycare full time and it's costing us a fortune (about $12K year, low cost of living and pay area). We have had to make...


3Rd - 4Th Grade Education, Please Weigh In

E. asks from Phoenix

Hi There, I am looking for parents and teachers that can help me...My son is in 3rd grade, he is a fast learner and in general ahead of most kids. He goes to a small ...


Smart? Gifted? Multiple Questions

K.H. asks from Detroit

Good Morning! I'll try to keep this short and on point, but I have a lot of stuff rambling around in my head so please bear with me. Some background: My daught...


My 13 Yr Old Daughter Doesn't Have Any Friends, She Is Struggling.

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

I have a bright 13 yr old daughter who does well in school but has hard time socially. A couple of years ago she started experiencing problems after a former friend t...


OPINION POLL: CHEERLEADING - Would You Let Your Child Train for Cheerleading?

D.C. asks from Dallas

hello moms, Some background - my daughter's preK friend is cheerleading with PRIDE and loves it. I thought it was just another sport - kind of advanced gymnastic...


Going Crazy over 6 Year Old Girl.

L.M. asks from Detroit

Here is the situation, My daughter is a normal 1st. grader, she is bright and happy. However, She doesn't seem to sit still. If she is not twirling in the front room ...


Son Is Completely Uninterested in Sports

B.A. asks from Columbus

My son is in kindergarten, and he has absolutely no interest in any type of organized team sport. Every time I even mention to him that we're going to sign him up fo...

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