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8 Year Old Needing Orthodontics

I dont know who your kids ortho is but I have a 21 year old that now has perfect teeth and one that just turned 11 I used to live over that side of the ...

Worried About My Daughter's Weight

... her schedule. her doctor said she is not malnurished or she wouldn't be growing in height or have 4 perfect teeth ect. she's just not gaining weight the ...

Abnormal (Fused?) Baby Teeth

At the time, her doctor said that it wouldn't affect her adult teeth. Her adult teeth have since come in and they're perfect. Helpful? ...

Are Braces Really Needed?

I didn't want to get her braces right now, her teeth aren't 'orthodontic perfect ' but I think they're pretty...and we were planning on having her evaluated ...

Advice on Anesthesia for Daughter's Tooth Extraction

He's now 16, had perfect teeth for a time but can't remember to use his retainers. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

7 Year Old Still Sucks Thumb to Go to Sleep!!

I have a slightly larger overbite than people with perfect teeth, but the dentist is really the only one who can tell, otherwise I have beautiful teeth. ...

Learning to Drink from a Sippy Cup

(btw - all six kids of my cousins have PERFECT teeth - no cavities - no braces!! ) Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Seeking Advice: My Daughter Has an Underbite and Needs to Wear a Chin Cup

... is because she is still young enough and her jawteeth are still growing and ... underbite but now I have almost perfect teeth I never had to have braces ...

3 Year Old Having Tonsils, Adnoids Removed and Ear Tubes

... my son still snored, and slept w/ his mouth open after the operation, although he's never had another sore throat in his life, and he has perfect teeth. ...

8 Month Old with No Teeth

Read all 7 responses: "Hi I have an 8 month old boy who has no teeth. ... veggies get really soft in the crock pot. perfect for little gums withhout teeth . ...
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