peed her pants in school

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Regressed Potty Training Dilemma

My daughter was potty trained when she was 2 She is 5 12 now About 8 months ago she started peeing her pants I just thought it was because she had just ...

Almost 5 Year Old Day Wetting

Oct 2, 2009 ... wetting her pants in 2 answersasked me if my daughter was wetting her pants more now that she has started school ...

3 Year Old Not About to Go Potty

1st Day of School · After School Care · Day Care Centers & Providers .... again you will lay off however right now it isnt okay for her to pee her pants at ...

Potty Training Help!

Take her out of the pull ups and put panties on her right away You can just ... she sees them every day and tell her when she stops peeing her panties she ...

4 Year Old Wetting the Bed/pants/holding Pee

... through spells where she pees in her pants several days in a row. The most frustrating part is she goes to pre-school everyday and never has accidents. ...

5 y.o. Wets His Pants

What we did is that after we had wet panties we told her that the next day .... pick me up from school several times a month because I had wet my pants She ...

Potty Training, Will Pee/poo in Potty When Naked but Not with Training Pants On?

When I take tried to train her with panties, she starts to pee and poo in them. .... Your a wonderful mother and remember she won't be in elementary school ...

Potty Training

Take extra's with you but you can't put her in pullups or diapers except for nap and night time. How else is she going to know that peeing her pants is not ...

Bed Wetting, When Does It Stop???

In the past 2 weeks she has been peeing her pants A LOT. There is no reason at all just doesn't .... Is she having difficulty at school or with a playmate. ...

Using the Potty

With my first what worked really well was to take off all bottomsno diaper pants underwear If she had anything at all on her bottom she would pee in her ...
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  • months before her 3rd birthday in 2 answers "... didn't go all underwear all the time until a few months before her 3rd birthday!"
  • big girl panties in 2 answers "I stuck her in a pair of big girl panties and I put on a timer for 20 minutes (a timer ..."
  • power struggle in 4 answers "I would not force her to use the potty, at 4 this is more of a power struggle."
  • run around with nothing in 2 answers "I don't believe in having your child run around with nothing on,as this not only can ..."
  • number 2 on the potty in 2 answers "I would celebrate what she has already achieved with going #2 on the potty consistantly ..."