Pediatric Cardiologist

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Advice for Hospital

I did not like this so I contacted a Pediatric Cardiologist at Childrens that I knew when I was younger and faxed over the report and we ended up seeing her ...

Blood Pressure Medications and Breastfeeding?

Your OB and/or a cardiologist will know which ones would be best for you. ... for six months because the pediatric cardiologist couldn't be sure that it was ...

How Would You Handle This??

Need Pediatric Cardiologist and Geneticist ... Pediatric Cardiologist · who buys old record · Office Needs · Muscular Dystrophy ...

My Friend's Grandson Is in the Children's Hospital... Doctors Are Dumbfounded.

We learned that fact because my son has a heart murmur diagnosed at 4 mos of age and the pediatric cardiologist mentioned that a regular cardiologist would ...

Mom's with Little Ones with Un-perfect Eyes

Jul 30, 2009 ... He is a Pediatric Ophthalmology, who was recommended by my daughter's doctor. We have been going to him for .... Pediatric Cardiologist ...

Down Syndrome

We then were referred to a Pediatric Cardiologist, who gave me a more intense ultrasound... and he then found my daughter's heart was fine. ...

Seeking a Good Pediatrician

He said he'd gone ahead and called a pediatric cardiologist and that his colleague had recommended to go ahead and have the testing. He has no pretense. ...

New Mom Needs a Pediatrician!!!

He did us a huge favor and called the top pediatric cardiologist at Texas children's and got a favor to have her seen. She does not take patients but she ...

Myocardio Dysfunction?

Follow the advise of the Pediatric Cardiologist--it's his/her JOB and probably PASSION, and they will know the best course of action! ...

Sleep Studies and Baby Not Keeping 02 up at Night

Have any of the specialists you have seen been a pediatric cardiologist? The vascular ring is a congenital heart defect and I would hope that they have ...
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