pedialyte for infants constipation

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Pedialyte or plain old water. Depending on how old he is it may be from ... are actually better for constipation and the apples should be of the red variety ...

Causes of Diarrhea

I had to keep her on pedialyte, the doctor said she couldnt have any formula for a whole day. poor thing was so miserable. .... Great Gifts for Infants ...

Switching to Whole Milk and Vomiting - Help!!!

The constipation can cause lower back pain and if it last too long, can cause nausea and vomitting. ... Great Gifts for Infants · Great Gifts for Teenagers ...

6 Month Old with Diarrhea for Two Weeks! Teething?

My son gets the worst tummy aches and constipation from formula. Man made milk just freaks ... Give only pedialyte for 12 hours. See if the diarrhea stops. ...

When Is It Okay to Give a Infant Water?

Infants really don't need any extra water - they get all they need from breastmilk or formula. ... pediatrician still would prefer that we give her Pedialyte instead of water. ..... for some reason plain water gets the baby constipated. ...


Both of my twins had problems with gas and constipation and someone recommended these ... with a bottle of pedialyte at the suggestion of her pediatrician. ...

7 Month Old Wont Eat

He is not getting enough fluids which is making him constipated. Doctors said give him pedialite to help keep him from getting dehydrated but that takes ...


If the issue is diarrhea, it will help firm it up...if the issue is constipation , it can help get things moving again. I would try giving him some multiple ...

Rotavirus Vaccine Decision by Monday

The rotavirus vaccine should be used with caution in infants with compromised immune systems or a ... kept her well hydrated (with pedialyte) supported her immune system. ..... Anyway, my son has never had a problem with constipation. ...

Formula for 7 Week Old

My daughter had horrible gas and constipation problems as an infant. ... They are made by Tylenol and Pedialyte. They really do work. ...
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